Place spread bets and CFD trades on commodity futures markets.

Our most popular traded markets include Gold, Silver, Brent, Natural Gas and Light Crude Oil.

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Trade Gold from only 0.4pts on our Daily Futures market.

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Voted by traders for 'Best for Efficiency of Taking Trades' in the Investment Trends Awards.

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Profits are free from Capital Gains Tax & Stamp Duty. 

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A commodity is a raw physical asset such as Gold, Oil, Corn or Silver. Commodities can be divided into two groups, 'Soft Commodities' and 'Hard Commodities'.

A soft commodity includes items such as sugar, wheat or corn and a hard commodity includes precious metals and energy.

Commodity futures markets are traded in a variety of secondary markets such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, LIFFe and London metal Exchange. 

Commodities are typically traded as a futures contract. Futures trading is a type of forward contract. It is an agreement between a buyer and seller to exchange goods and money at a point in the future for a price that has been agreed today. This allows you to trade the contracts rather than owning (inconveniently) the underlying asset.

Depending on the type of commodity, there are various influencing factors that can impact the price that you should watch out for. These include the value of the US dollar and supply, demand, weather, economic and political factors.  

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