Comparison: Cryptocurrency trading v CFDs

At Coinfx24, we offer our clients the option to use both cryptocurrency trading and CFD trading products.

There are advantages and disadvantages to trading through cryptocurrency trading and CFDs. Learn about the main differences and similarities below. 




Capital Gains Tax

Profits made from cryptocurrency trading may be subjected to UK Capital Gains Tax currently (subject to client status, tax laws may change in future). Although profits from CFDs are not tax-free, losses from CFD trades can be offset against tax. 

Lot Sizes

Lot size for cryptocurrency trading is 1 while for CFD we use a standard lot size of 100,000. 


Crypocurrency has low commission. With CFDs you still pay the spread, but you will pay a commission on equities.  




Range of Markets

Both cryptocurrency trading and CFDs give you access to comprehensive lists of markets 24 hours a day.

Risk management

You can access all our order types regardless of whether you are trading using CFDs or cryptocurrency trading.

Trading Platforms

Trade on our web or mobile and tablet apps for iOS and Android. Find out more about our platforms. 

Go long and short

Both CFDs and cryptocurrency trading allow you to go long, anticipating that the price will go up, or short, anticipating that the price will go down. 

Leveraged trading

CFDs and cryptocurrency trading are both leveraged trading products which means you only need to deposit a small portion of the trade value to cover your trade.